Postbiotics: from nature
the future of healthcare

Postbiotics are metabolic products
of probiotic fermentation.

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Postbiotica is a spinoff of the University of Milan and was founded in January 2016.

It has already secured funding necessary for the initial developmental plan.

Postbiotica is proprietary of a new technology capable of modulating the type of metabolites generated during bacterial fermentation. These metabolites called postbiotics have distinct immunomodulatory properties.

Objectives are ambitious and the fields of application are ample.

Our science

What we do

Our products are able to modulate the immune response and to re-establish immune homeostasis.

Prof Maria Rescigno

Maria Rescigno

Is a leading researcher in host-microbe interaction and in mucosal immune homeostasis.


Who we are

Our first application: eye drops for allergy

Vernal keratoconjunctivitis (VKC) is a chronic, bilateral inflammation of the conjunctiva. The incidence of disease is 10 cases in 10.000 individuals, but it has been rising in the last decades. Current therapeutic options are curing the symptoms but have strong adverse side effects. New therapeutics are required.

Allergic conjunctivitis
The epidemiologists forecast that the total prevalent cases of allergic conjunctivitis will grow by 5.40% over the next decade, from 155,455,174 total prevalent cases in 2013 to 163,925,356 total prevalent cases in 2023.

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