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We can help you

  • Design a new pharma/dietary immunomodulatory supplements that trigger the immune response without inducing an overt inflammation. This might be specifically helpful in treating allergic reactions such as Allergy, dermatitis, conjunctivitis.
  • Design a new pharma/dietary supplement with anti-inflammatory activity to prevent the development or halt ongoing inflammation. This might be specifically helpful in treating inflammatory reactions such as prolonged physical exercise, joint pain, inflammatory conditions of the bowel (colitis, irritable bowel syndrome), exposure to environmental irritants (affecting the gut or the skin).
  • Supply you with a ready-made postbiotic product with one of the above properties to improve your food/dietary supplement.

Why Postbiotics

Most of the immunomodulatory activities of bacteria are associated to their metabolites.

  • Safer: no harmful bacterial components,
  • Host Reproducibility: no need of bacterial growth or colonization,
  • Efficacy: higher concentration of active components.


Postbiotics vs probiotics